Wayne’s House of Rock 12-12-2016

This is where I usually let everyone who didn’t get to listen to the show, know what I talked about providing links and things. Today is a little different. Today just gonna talk about two things. First, the good, Worldbuilder.org Geeks Doing Good annual fundraiser for Heifer International was extended. It’ll go another 6 days and then end. They have already raised over 1.8 million dollars. Click the link and go on over there and help them out. Helping them helps others and in a way helps you. Go over there and get to helping!

Second, not bad, but sad. It sums up the holiday season. Sad, uplifting, hopeful, and touching. A news article is currently all over Facebook all about a man. This man, Eric Schmitt-Matzen, dresses up like Santa for a couple of months every holiday season. He does 80 some odd events every year. He also has a regular job as a mechanical engineer. The Santa thing, well that’s because he loves doing it and loves the look on the faces of the kids he brings joy to. He loves it so much he always wears Santa suspenders. One day he just got off work and a nurse at a nearby hospital calls. She asks him to come right over to give a gift to a kid, and that no there is no time to change, just wear the suspenders (because she knows that he always has those on). Eric hops in his car and drives right over. He is confronted by a family that want him to give their terminally ill son a present. Eric asks the family if they want to come in the room, but they can only come in if they can hold it together, because if they lose it, he’ll lose it. In he goes in, alone, with a present and a terminally ill 5 year old waiting for him…..The full story is here at the Knoxville Sentinel. If I thought I could do the story justice or do it without plagiarizing it, I would. However, with a touching story like this I think that the original author does a better job of telling it than I ever could. Sorry for building it up just to leave you hanging. See you next week Wayniacs.


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