Wayne’s House of Rock 10-31-16

Today in the House of Rock we talked about the Cubs moving on in the World Series against the Cleveland Indians.

Also talked about Judge Robin Camp a Canadian Federal Judge whom in 2014 acquitted a man accused of rape. Four professors from two different schools have brought a complaint against him for his “dismissive if not contemptuous views toward sexual assault laws and the rules of evidence.”   He is being investigated by the Canadian Judicial Council.

Wanted to cruise down to the Loyola to see Guardrail on Friday, but it just wasn’t feasible. On Saturday however, I was able to get over to Crystal Lake, Il to see Loa Hex and Stolen Airplane . It was a great show at Catapult Collectibles and, I had a lot of fun there.

One thing that I didn’t get to was London Has Fallen has a show coming up in Rockford on November 5th at  Don Carter Lanes. It’s a fundraiser for a little boy named Lincoln. He is all of three years old with a rare endocrinological disease. If you’re out that way, stop by and show some support.

Thanks Wayniacs and we’ll see you next week on Wayne’s House of Rock. See where the Cubs stand and play independent rock from independent artists.

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