This Week With LizzyInColor

Hello everyone once again you guy came with me live on Thursday to get colored in. You not only got colored in with me but we had a guest to help with the coloring this time. Miss Inspire joined us talking about all thing entertainment. With her spark voice and big personality she help me host the show making things not only fun for me but more BIG!


We not did just talk about one thing, we talked about the first celebrity feud of 2017. Soulja boy and Chris Brown.Starting with a string of social media insults, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s war of the words inspired champion boxer Floyd Mayweather to organize a pay-per-view match against the two artists, supposedly scheduled for March. The whole thing sounds like something from high, because yeah it kind of is.


This whole thing started when Soulja boy started to all of Chris Browns ex-girlfriend Karrueche’s pictures on Instagram. Talking about some dope picture have you guys heard about this.


YES!!!! Its really here everyone the cover of my new book Dark Whispers. This beauty will be dropping February 3 and I cant wait for you guys to read it. Its been a long time coming that we did anything about my books and I hope all of you can read it. Well I hope you all have a great Sunday and a better Monday. This is LizzyInColor and you just been Colored in.

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