“The Voice” plays Musical Chairs!

the-voiceFan’s of “The Voice” know that they love to switch up the judging panel and next season is no exception. NBC announced this week that Gwen stafani will return this spring for season 12 replacing “Queen of the Twerking Teddy Bears” Miley Cyrus. She will join Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and boyfriend Blake Shelton. I am not suprised to hear that Gwen is returning, she is always fun and i figured country boy Blake missed his little snickerdoodle. (I don’t know if he calls her that he probably calls her something country like, “my little yeehaa”.) But Miley fans, dont be upset as it was also announced Miley will return next fall for season 13. I personally love the show this season in paticular.  The talent has never been this excellent. Major shoutout to “Team Adam” member, Jason Warrior!2016_thevoice_s11_jasonwarrior_bio_headshots_1455x1455_cc

Not only is he chicago raised and i know him from high school speech competions, THE BOY IS HOT LIKE ASHLEY GRAHAM IN A (undisclosed item of clothing that can not be said due to this being family entertainment) Support the man guys, he is worth your time!


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