The AA Show……About last night

Last night we had a shadow……. I’ll get into that next week though. Last night we talked about sports and movies. one movie in particular,,,,Logan. First let’s get into the reason Serg was so happy. Barcelona won, Red Sox won, but the Blackhawks lost…booooooo!!

I was disappointed, of course. Sergio, on the other hand was very, VERY HAPPY!! I was like, really? But to each his own. Now, Sergio finally went  to see Logan. He said that it ruined his childhood. For real? I told him to read the Old man Logan graphic novel. He said no, even though it’s a good read. He feels it will only make him feel worse. Sorry that Logan dies, but How many times has that happened to Wolverine or they thought that it happened????

Anyway, tune in next week for more shenanigans and conversation from George and Serg Monday at 6-7pm..

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