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So my blog is becoming a live show on Windy City UG!  I had my first show on last Friday, 10/28 and it was ok. It didn’t go as smooth as I wanted it to go, but hey, things happen. I was able to speak to AltonNTheFlesh and it was an honor to have him on the show for my first interview. He spoke about his new single and new project that he’s in the process of working on and it sounds really good. He is a young person who is making huge moves in the hip hop community. It’s a slow process but it takes patience to get to the top. He will be back on the show along with his team to further promote his brand and what his goal is for his music. Congrats to him and his team!

Today I will have Selassie on the show. He will discuss his activist efforts as well as his talent as a rapper. A little background:

Selassie is only one of the five members of the Frisco Five. He as well as the other four members of the five went on a hunger strike that lasted 17 days in front of the San Francisco Police Department to protest police brutality and racial bias. And recently, Selassie took part in the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. The United States is building a pipeline that goes through the sacred grounds the tribe lives. The pipeline has the risk of harming the tribe’s food and water supplies which, in turn, will affect the livelihood of the tribe and their families. The U.S. argues that this is more cost efficient an safer to transport the oil this way. Selassie will talk more about his experiences today at Shay’s Place.

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Friday’s 5pm – 6pm!  The doors to Shay’s Place will be open!

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