Rah The Reflex On N’spire live!!!


On NSpire Lives Interview with Rah the RefleX.  Rah who is a Husband, Mentor, Barber Stylist, Radio personality, Hip Hop & R&B Historian and trained Culinary Artist the Creator, Producer and Host of The Hip Hop Pharmacy as well as Hypnotiq Radio which can be heard on Spreaker.com and Founder, Editor-in-Chief at The Metro Xchange.  Rah spoke about how he the hip hop pharmacy is an off- shoot extension of the Metro Xchange of website.  Rah also created The Guttahouse one of the largest hip-hop blogs in the mid-west for over 10 years Rah created this on my space after interviewing on a show on blog talk radio called The Lounge Live with Sauce the creator o out of NY.  He started a blogging trend at Guttahouse known as hip hop and on blast media this grew from Myspace to its own website he created a radio station called GXR Guttahouse extreme radio from there he created The Metro Xchange with includes The Hip Hop Pharmacy and Hypnotiq Radio. The Hip Hop Pharmacy is not your typical talk show it’s in your face uncensored and direct Rah calls it a hybrid. It’s a cross between a variety talk show and your typical radio show and Hypnotic Radio is more of a slow jam R&B show. some radio personalities that have inspired him are Herb Kent, Pervis Span, Doug Banks & Perry Smalls and Pink House.  Rah says what he enjoys most about radio is being able to express himself. Rah also plays guitar is a licensed makeup artist and has participated in a variety of hair shows one of which is Proud Lady Hair Show was a part of a singing group and raps and plays guitar. Wow, can you say multi-talented. I can’t wait to see what projects Rah has coming up next.  He’s definitely full of surprises.

You can see more about Rah the Reflex at twitter.com/anumbusrah, instagram.com/anumbusrah and Instagram.com/hiphoppharmacy.

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