Poppaajocc via Tianna Speaks catch his interview Tuesday 1/30/2018 at 4pm

Meet Zack Ford A.K.A Poppaajocc

Here’s what he has to say about him self,

My name is Zack Ford I am an artist/Actor from Chicago, IL.  Like most individuals I am working hard every day to tell my story through music and entertainment. Though I was born in Chicago, I Soon moved to Kenosha, WI with my mother. Within the first year of living there, my mother soon became heavily addicted to drugs. So I was taken in by my grandmother in Florida until she passed away when I was nine years old. With no help from family, i had to live in group homes and some nights I was left outside because most people didn’t want to help me as a child because of who my mother was. When she was finally released from prison I was forced to stay with her because I was still a minor and I suffered from physically abuse from her and her drug addict boyfriend. Through all my trials I still managed to stay positive and build a foundation. Without much support I still managed to make it through school. I attended college where I joined into a Fraternity. I’ve always been self-motivated. Ever since I was younger. Music and acting is something that got me out of bed daily and kept me focused. I understand the hustle and the grind and what it takes to succeed. A handout is never what I ask for. People always ask me why I didn’t start music a long time ago. And it’s easy to do something when you don’t have help, I couldn’t afford it, and with finances being a struggle i left college to move to florida with some family, who promised to help .Once I’ve arrived, they soon told me I couldn’t stay because I wasn’t white collar and liked rap music. So I moved to Chicago with my mother’s sister who lives with her husband in a small apartment on the couch. Soon I found a job , met  the woman of my life, got my own house in Chicago. Currently working long hours, making moves that will expand my music/ acting career. Although it seems impossible to become a successful artist/actor, I’ve learned in my life that the odds can ALWAYS be beat, just stay focused with a tunnel vision.

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