Not My President

Singer/producer T.L Williams  stopped by Rated Black for Everyone last week to discuss his new EP , The New Normal and how Trump winning the presidential election was anything but inspirational. He says this election proved how important voting is and why not voting should never be an option.

“When I think “inspirational”, I think of Jesus. Trump is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Inspirational to me, is a strong word to use to describe a man many doesn’t accept as president.”

The ‘Gettin Mo Money than you‘ singer then went on to debut the politically charged single “New Politician” feat. Real T@lk and Jerry Williams Sr. The song challenged listeners to not accept how things are, and served as a reminder that politicians work for the people.

Next Tuesday at 8pm, L.O.T.T.O  Ent. will be in the studio to discuss music, the future of Chicago’s youth, and why independent artists are so important.

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