Native Americans

On our last show Nov 1st, we talked about Americas Government treatment of Native Americans.Currently in North Dakota Kelcy Warren a Texas  billionaire, wants to route an oil pipeline on the land of the Native American’s. This pipe line will produce 470,000 barrels of oil daily to  5 countries and hook up in Patoka Illinois.  The pipeline will destroy their burial ground and drinking water.

There is a protest going on now to prevent the pipe line from going in. President Obama was their two years ago and he did nothing about it. The petition against the pipeline has over 280,000 supporters and growing.Protester are  arrested and place in dog cages, they are been abuse by authorities.

If this pipe line does get  a go ahead , how many Native Americans will get a job? How many will die and push aside? What else will America find to take away from them?

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