Live With Queen Imani (Have a Seat Segment)

Happy New Year everyone!

Today I have several nominees that need to Have a Seat!

  1. Chris Brown started the new year off with social media beef. To make matters worse, Breezy was beefing with Soulja Boy. Not only that, but the beef started after Soulja left a comment that didn’t sit too well under Karreuche Tran’s picture. You continuously say that you are not going to go back and forth with Soulja and then continue to do exactly that as well as posting Soul’s number on the internet. Chris…Chris.. give it up. All of this beef over a woman you are no longer with and has clearly moved on? You are too fine and too talented for this. Think about what you’re doing and have a seat.
  2. Soulja Boy seems to have had beef with everybody via social media during 2016 and shows no signs of slowing down. The thing about Soulja that really trips me out though is the gang banging he continuously does while participating in the beef. He is yelling out Bompton and claiming to be a “blood” from a California based gang. However, the Atlanta raised rapper was just claiming to a member of the “gangster disciples”, which is a Chicago based gang a couple of years ago. I am so confused. Soulja Boy please, have a  seat.
  3. Mariah Carey had a catastrophic NYE’s performance and she is blaming Dick Clark Productions for sabotaging her. Mariah’s team says that there were malfunctions and mechanical glitches going on with her ear piece prior to the show and that DCP knew this and still counted her down to begin the show. Mariah says they sabotaged her performance for ratings. So the diva walked off of the stage. What about the fans though Mariah? Why not sing LIVE Mariah? Sometimes even a diva needs to have a seat.

Unnecessarily gang banging with no credibility and bringing in the new year social media beefing after you had already apologized for doing it last year, along with flirting with your friend’s ex-girlfriend on social media is completely out of line. Soulja Boy, please HAVE A SEAT.

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