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Hello Everyone, LizzyInColor Here, and I hope you all are having a great evening. I know why am I writing you? It’s not Thursday. I know, I had a great day on the show interviewing Steven Cooper and Justin Gun on the show today. I wish I was that driven when I was 18, but seeing them made me happy.

Justin Gun, 18

Justin Gunn is currently a senior Theater Major at The Chicago High School for the Arts or just call it (ChiArts). Just like me he was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. He first started acting in the 5th grade by doing improv, over the years he began to fall in love with acting and in the 8th grade he decided to pursue acting as a career. He wants to one day open his own theater company that touches on social issues and injustice among races, religion etc, and He also want to bring art education and resources to communities that lack the influence of art.

Steven Cooper, 18

This is Steven Cooper. He also attend the Chicago High School for the arts and he is a senior and theater major. Like so many of my coloring books out there he was raised on the west side of Chicago. He’s loved acting all his life, and that inspired him to go on to do multiple acting programs including Neurokitchen Arts Collective, where he got his first lead role. He then continued his acting career by going to “ChiArts”, an arts centered high school. He plans on continuing His career in acting, as well as others forms of art like rapping, writing, directing and etc.

These two guys fall nothing short of amazing, being this inspired at such a young age. Not only that but they both are so fun and down to earth, its hard to believe that they are the stars they are. With there new movie drop May 12th, 2017 we all have nothing but love for these you young men. If you want to check out this amazing Trailer click the video below


I’m so happy that they both came to show and made my day nothing but fun, and specking of fun you guys always know I’m the plug… for books.

darkwYes I know, I say it all the time but you can buy the book now, only $0.99 on kindle today and I hope you all do. Its a fun book and it’s worth your time, so sue me. I know you’ll all love it. But to wrap up for the day, thank you Seven Cooper and Justin Gun for being we me today, and once you get famous don’t forget, to come back and give me hug.

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