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Hello all of my coloring books, and I know two blogs in one week, yes its real. I am here once again after the show and for all that tuned in know why. I had another special guest, Mr. Kal Gully was on the show, and we had so much fun with him and his manager.


While his name is new to some of you he has had years filled with non stop grinding and momentum going throughout his career. His previous releases “Custos” and “Re-Up Remixed” are proof that Kal Gully is not planning to stop anytime soon. The years of hard work are beginning to pay off, and he is back in Chicago to show his home town, just how far he has come.

“Custos 2016”


With songs like this he is on fire and now the release of his single “Fxckin Up” we can all scream and shout. With his latest single and music video “Fxcking Up” and his live performance at Club Red on February 25, 2017, this Man is making waves all ready in Chicago.  If you want to hear this mad dope song you can listen to on iTunes, Google play, Tidal, and if you just want to chill and listen to all his music, head over to Napster and Pandora.

“Fxckin Up 2017”

If that still isn’t enough Gully for you, then here’s more for you, you can follow him on Twitter @KalGully, Instagram @KalGully, visit I know that still isn’t enough Gully for you all but that’s alright. You can see him live too, at Club Red on February 25th 2017 but also 9 PM to 3AM. Click link below for tickets!!!


Like always here at the LizzyInColor show I gave you a little of everything including my book, that you all know is on Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited!!!


With that being said thank you all for reading and listening, I will catch all of you next Thursday on the LizzyInColor show. This is Lizzy and you have just been Colored IN!!!

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