Last Week Today!!!

So like everything Thursday I was live with all of you, just to color you in for the week. I was joined with my special co-host Inspire and we got a chance to talk with anime lover, vlogger and YouTuber Chris Sanders.

chr-copyWe talked about everything from the new Power Ranger movie to having a fun anime debate. Everything about hanging with you guys is fun but to have some that can go blow for blow is even funnier. So to give a quick recap we talked about the new Xbox Scorpio and the Nintendo Switch. While I’m always #TeamXbox Chris is more #Nintendo so that’s where the first talk started. While I love Xbox the new Zelda is everything to me right now.

nid5I have love these games since before I was born, strange but true. Zelda is one of the many still standing games that Nintendo have and I respect that from them. They have games that have stood the test of time and not many can say that. I had fun this week, but I have every week. Next week we will talk all about my new book Dark Whispers releasing on Feb 3 and talking calls from you guys.

darkwI’m so excited for everyone to read this and enjoy it more than anything. I have worked hard to make sure you guys get the best of the best from me. February 3 is the release date and I hope you all read and enjoy. Once again this is LizzyInColor and you just been Colored in.

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