Last Week to Day!!!!

So like most of you may have though last week was just another week for me. Well if that’s what you guess though I’m nothing but disappointed with all of you!!!! Last week Live with LizzyInColor was amazing with my special guest I had on the show. Prince Roc came to the show and we had a blast hanging out in the studio.prince-roc-copyWith his new song coming dropping with me LizzyInColor we talked about his past music. Its amazing to see how any artist grows if its music, painting, writing or film work its all amazing to see. This was the first of hopeful many interview I can do this years specking of this year.

2017Yes as well all know its 2017, another year to be a better person and all that good stuff. I know we all had Facebook friends saying “New Year, New Me” As that clock counted down. With that clock down and started over for this year, what do you want to do this year? I know everyone makes those promises we never end up keeping but here we are family to help. I wanted to know what you guys are doing this year and what your excited about this year as well. You guys all know what I’m excited about this year!!!!

afterI know I still can’t believe that my books are really getting published as well. Once I have the release date I will let all of you know but to let you in on something you can all ready read two of my books on Amazon now.

With that being said I will let you finish enjoying your Tuesday afternoon. You already know who I am but once again I am LizzyInColor and you just being Colored In!!!



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