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Can you imagine being inside of your body, feeling, seeing, and hearing everything around you but, you’re in a sunken place? No, it’s not Monday.
The movie “Get Out” hit the box office big this weekend unexpectedly raking in $30.5 million in ticket sales. Jordan Peele’s sinister story of an interracial couple left viewers in awe, enjoying this genre mingling comedic horror.
Not only was the movie filled with jaw dropping satire, but the creepy under toned music mixed with the normality of the characters gave way for a tethering emotional ride.
Even though critic’s rated “Get Out” with high marks, saying it was savvy, stylish and entertaining some movie goers aren’t agreeing. Viewers are saying “Get Out” is controversial because it’s a movie about white liberal racism.

Daniel Kaluuya who plays Chris Washington, a young black photographer with extraordinary visual capabilities goes to visit his white girlfriend. Rose Armitage, played by actress Allison Williams is bringing her first black boyfriend home to meet the family, or so it seems. Chris’s wit gave insight to understand and combat certain advances but, some he just couldn’t undertake alone. Chris’s best friend, a TSA officer who is played by Chicago comedian Lil Rel’ Howery is a trained agent who everyone thinks is a joke provides hilarious commentary throughout the movie.
Peele’s comedic satire is not something that is new to his work. He is known for his sketch comedies in which he wholly touches on sensitive racial topics.
According to Esquire, Peele stated, “Man, I can’t believe it. It’s crazy” when asked about the 100% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.
After watching this exhilarating thriller more people are going to be scared straight of anyone with the sacred tea cup, teaspoon combination.

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