George Lopez Goes off

600x600bb-85George Lopez had a recent show in Phoenix’s Celebrity Theatre on Saturday. The 55-year-old comedian made a joke that didn’t sit well with one audience member. comedian George Lopez launched into a racial joke that upset a member of the audience.

He said, “There are only two rules in the Latino family, Don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.”

A woman in the audience seemed to be offended and flipped him the middle finger, causing Lopez to go off. George then says,

“Sit your f—king a— down! Sit your f—king a— down! I’m talking b—h,” said Lopez, while the audience cheered. “You paid to see a show, sit you’re a– down. You can’t take a joke, then you’re in the wrong motherf—king place. Sit your a— down or get the f—k out of here.”

The lady was eventually kicked out leaving four open seat.

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