DeMond Dushawn On N’spire Live!!!






Chicago independent Rap Artist DeMond has been doing music for years during our interview he spoke deeply on how his life experiences played a major role in his life, his change and his music.  He has focused his energy of pass situations in his artistry.  He is affiliated with LinkHard Productions where part of their mission is to choose to initiate events, be leaders and stay focused on specific goals despite whatever struggles. 


LinkHard provides a platform for artist to network and make magic happen.  DeMond’s music has tracks that catch you and he’s definitely lyrically creative.  Some of the tracks to check out on YouTube are “I Got It” and “I Got A XBox, while in the interview he mentions his son giving him his first XBox was the spark for that hit. With the song I’mma Demon, when asked where that tittle came from he said D.E.M.O.N is an acronym for Decadent Excellence Modifies Opinionated Nonsense. You can see the Interview at N’Spirelive@Nspireradio on Facebook and you can learn more about the artist DeMond DUshawn at 


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