Black Friday Survival!!!

Hey, Ike Moore here, lets keep it real, we all know where you guys will be after that big meal tomorrow, in the lines trying to get the latest accessory that you think you need. At any rate, it has been known to bring the greed and savageness (yes thats a word!) out of people. So, i have three important tips for you to save yourselves from the trouble.


  1. Invest in steroids and Schwarzeneggar everyone you see!
  2. Talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend into going for you  and see if they are as “Ride or Die” as they say!
  3. Admit that the whole idea of going out in the cold early morning to get an item that you may not even use after two weeks is overrated and enjoy the leftovers all day!


No matter what you do this weekend, make sure you stay safe and be blessed! Happy Thanksgiving everybody from “The Ballistic One”!

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