Ari J.’s Pick: Artists You Should Know

Ari J. Golde here, with the first installment of the “Artists You Should Know” series Here, I will introduce, or re-introduce for others, some of the amazing artists that have blessed my headphones. So enjoy, stay tuned and up your Spotify game.  

When we think of New Orleans, we normally associate it with beignets, Mardi Gras and Beyonce. We’ll technically, not Beyonce, but it’s where the Formation video was filmed and is the resting place of the royal Queendom of Queen Bey’s mother,Tina Knowles. So if my calculations are correct, NOLA belongs to Beyonce. So now that’s clear. I have said it, so ‘tis all.

So besides, producing the leader of the Beehive, and jazz music of course, New Orleans has birthed another gem, Tank and the Bangas. Formed in 2011 at an open mic set, Tank and the Bangas is a funk-soul band led by lead vocalist and poet, Tarriona “Tank”  Ball. However, funk-soul doesn’t quite sum it up. The band combines hip hop, soul, R&B and spoken word with a live band. In a time where you can buy an entire band in a box, it is refreshing to witness pure, unprocessed instrumentation. Tank and the Bangas is like the perfect gumbo with just the right mix of spices audoulle sausage, shrimp [insert any other meat preference],etc, slow-cooked to perfection. The world got a taste of the band’s unparalleled sound and witnessed the chemistry, quirkiness, soulfulness and pure joyous nature when they won the NPR Tiny Desk 2017 Contest. This put the world on notice, that originality, talent, passion and determined execution was alive and well. Tanks and the Bangas is currently on tour and could be visiting a city near you. Visit for tour details. Trust me, it is a show that you want to see. 


~Ari J. Golde

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