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Chicago Legend Passed 

Chicago Legend Johnny P passed away This past weekend in Chicago. The veteran R&B singer was most known for his vocals on the Hit Singles by Do Or Die “Po Pimp” “Smoke And Ride” Twista’s “Yo Body” and On Scarface and 2Pac “Smile”. Earlier in The Month he went into a coma and was in there until his untimely Death. Family members and Friends reached out via Social Media expressing there condolences.

Johnny P began singing at a Young age and signed his first recording contract in 1989 with Columbia Records…

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Not My President 

Singer/producer T.L Williams  stopped by Rated Black for Everyone last week to discuss his new EP , The New Normal and how Trump winning the presidential election was anything but inspirational. He says this election proved how important voting is and why not voting should never be an option.

“When I think “inspirational”, I think of Jesus. Trump is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Inspirational to me, is a strong word to use to describe a man many doesn’t accept as president.”

The ‘Gettin Mo Money

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Napoleon Dynamite is Back (sort of) 

Hey, Ike Moore here and if the past year or so has taught us anything, it’s that nostalgia sells! People love to see stuff brought back in creative ways. Now, the early 2000’s is getting into the game as Burger King unleashed a new ad for its Cheesy Tots using non other than….Napoleon and Pedro! Ok, its Just the actors that played them (Jon Heder and Efren Rameriez) in the classic 2004 film “Napoleon Dyanamite” The commercial not only advertises the new product but recreates the famous tots scene from the…

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Fidel Castro 

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born Aug 13 1926      and died Nov 25 2016. He gave up his rule in 2008 to his brother  Raul Castro when he became ill. Fidel rules Cuba with an iron fist, which made the country what it is today pure and untainted.

In Cuba they’re having  nine days of morning, he is cremated and will be laid to rest on Nov 4th. In Cuba they are morning his death while Cubans in Miami is celebrating. Castro has survived 600 assassination attempts. During a public appearance in April he stated…

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